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  • Dr. ir. Fang Zhu;Managing Partner, Chairman

    Shenzhen Leaguer Tsing-Yuan Venture Capital Co.,Ltd, Chairman
    Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, Vice President
    Dr. Fang Zhu obtained his Ph.D degree (1992) from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology in Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and his M.Sc degree (1986) and B.Sc degree (1983) from Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology at Tsinghua University, Beijing. In addition, Dr. Zhu has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by Middlesex University, UK in 2007.
    Dr. Zhu has over 10 years’ working experience of R&D, project management, business administration, venture capital investment in high-tech enterprises in Taiwan area and West Europe. Since 2002, he has been Deputy Dean of Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen (RITS), Managing Director of Shenzhen Leaguer Venture Capital Co., Ltd. , and the chief decision maker of Leaguer’s investment projects. Under Dr. Zhu’s leadership, Leaguer has successfully exited 43, including 12 successful IPOs on China Main Board, SME Board or ChiNext market, achieving an IRR of more than 30%.

  • Mr. Liu Jianyun;President, Executive Partner

    Bachelor of Science Degree From Peking University, MBA from School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
    Access in VC industry in 2002, serviced as General Manager of Shenzhen Leaguer Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
    Success cases include Sumavision (300079, achieving a ROI of about 35 times); Highlander Digital Technology (300065, achieving a ROI of about 8 times); Techand (300197, anticipating a ROI of 30 times); SZ MOSO Power Supply (002660,anticipating a ROI of 6 times); UW LASER; Huizhou SinoQuick, Qinchuan Industry, CBCOM, HaoNeng Technology, XinZhu Technology, etc.;
    Served as Senior Investment Manager of Shenzhen GTJA Investment Group Co.,Ltd., success cases include Guangzhou Easy Trade, and Shenzhen MINDRAY, etc.;
    Serviced as President of EA Technology, in charge of corporate general operation and management.

  • Mr. Wang Hong;Executive Partner

    Bachelor of Science Degree from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
    EMBA from Xi’an Jiaotong University
    Mr. Wang has over ten years’ managerial experience of Securities & Futures Investment and industrial investment. Serviced as Vice President of Suzhou Investment Company and Chairman of Suzhou Sim Lian Urban Construction Co., Ltd.
    Serviced as Chairman and General Manager of Suzhou High-Tech Xinyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd., managed VCI and VCII of Suzhou Xinlin Co.Ltd. ( 273 million RMB funds in total ); Success cases include SALUN(601058)and Telezone (430089), etc.

  • Mr. Lu Yuzhe;Partner

    Master of Civil and Commercial Law from Wuhan University Law School,
    Qualified as a PRC lawyer.
    Engaged in legal business on financial securities, M&A, equity investment and capital operation.
    Serviced as the head of the Department of law in SLVC, in charge of internal audit of project investment.
    Serviced as a partner of Shenzhen Meg Investment Co., LTD, in charge of investment operations.
    Success cases include UP-TECH, ManDao Technology, Shenzhen TongXin Technology, Pcase and YuenHing Fruit, etc.

  • Mr. Pan Haifeng;Partner

    Doctor of Engineering Degree from Department of Precision Instruments and Machinery, Tsinghua University
    Changzhou Leaguer Investment Management Company, General Manager
    Wuxi Leaguer Management and Investment Consulting Company, General Manager
    Shenzhen Leaguer Venture Capital Co., Ltd, GM Assistant
    Success cases include SALUN(601058), CnLamp Optoelectronic Technology, Wuxi Chrion, MINO Equipment, F-road, Jabsco Electronic Technology, Deyixin Materials and 2D Carbon, etc.
    Serviced as Vice-warden of Qingshan Lake government in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province.

  • Mr. Chen Siguang;Partner

    Bachelor of Science Degree from South China University of Technology
    Master of Economic Degree from Zhongshan University
    Success cases include SALUN(601058), Telezone(430089), RAV, Hailu Heavy Industry and Stan Instrument, etc.
    Serviced as chairman and vice president of Suzhou hi-tech investment management co., LTD; managed VCI and VCII venture fund of Suzhou Xinlin Co.Ltd.
    Serviced as investment manager of Zhujiang Investment Fund(Jin chengguo border 184703), Shenzhen Energy Investment Holding Co. Ltd. and Lianhe Securities.

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