Message from the Chairman

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⊙Innovation is the soul for a nation to become stronger and independent through its own effort while capital is the cornerstone for driving independent innovation.

⊙For more than a decade, our team has adhered to the motto of Tsinghua University “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment”. We have clung to the working philosophy of being dedicated, professional, efficient, and enterprising, kept in mind the great trust placed by sponsors on us, and done a great job in the investment and management of our investment fund. In so doing, we have combined high tech firms with capital so that capital can drive the innovation and development of high-tech companies, thus making impressive achievements and contributing to our 10-year glory.

⊙Looking into the new era, we will carry on as usual and sustain our honor as “the cradle of listed companies and a ladder to help entrepreneurs thrive”, join hands with entrepreneurs, drive innovation with capital and jointly strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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